Illustration by my dear friend    Ana   .

Illustration by my dear friend Ana.

i love to tell stories so here's mine:

Born and raised in Mexico I studied the Bachelor in Animation and Digital Arts at ITESM. In 2015 I had the chance to study motion design abroad at RMIT in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. Later the same year, I headed off to Miami for an internship at Fusion Media Group. This oportunity was perfect to kickstart my career, as I was working in a professional environment collaborating with many lovely and talented people.

I graduated  in 2016 and have been doing freelance gigs ever since, working with amazing people along the way.

I decided to improve my graphic design skills so I moved to Barcelona in October 2017 to study a Masters in Motion Graphics Design at Seeway.

Currently Iā€™m still in Barcelona but you can also find me on the internet, so feel free to contact me if you want to work together or just say hi! (: